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My Name is Savva Zingas! (Greek Orgin). I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas and currently reside in Keller.  I got into the insurance industry after being a restaurant manager and going to Engineering school at UTA. Ever since then I have not looked back, I love what I do! I currently work with one of the Nation’s largest brokerage firms “Empower Brokerage” and have been trained by experts who have been in the business 40+ years. When you work with me, I can confidently ....

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Why work with a personal Insurance Agent Texas? Insurance is complicated, confusing and concerning why take on that burden all alone. An Independent Insurance agent can help you navigate your variety of options free of charge! Since we work with multiple carriers you will get the best recommendation for your situation. With sophisticated software, extensive training, and education, our Southlake Insurance Agents know the ins and outs of the policies they offer. ..

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What is ACA/Marketplace Coverage
Is there a physical/Medical exam required for life insurance?
How much life insurance do I need?
What are Group Health Plan Requirements?
What is a Short Term Medical Plan?
What is better Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plans (medigap)?
Should I sign up for Medicare Part B if I have employer coverage or have veteran benefits?
How do I sign up for Medicare?
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